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Update: Please remember that the version of the 2008 USC Constitution of DLSUD available for download from this site may differ slightly from the official and published version released last September 2008.

For DLSUD students, please visit your respective College Student Council to browse the official and printed copy. Better yet, you can have it photocopied for your own use. It’s perfectly okay and highly advisable.

As promised, copies of the new 2008 USC Constitution is now available for every to download. You can read, share, discuss or print copies of the new 2008 USC Constitution with your classmates, friends, special someones, even your professors and instructors in DLSU-D.

To help every DLSU-D student to better understand the new 2008 USC Constitution, an easy to read guide is also available for every one to download. It explains in easy terms the provisions and effects of the new 2008 USC Constitution.

For everyone’s reference, a copy of the OLD 1999 USC Constitution is also available for download so that it can be compared to the new 2008 USC Constitution highlighting the improvements and changes made by the Students’ Constitutional Convention.

With this, it is the belief and hope of the USC and all the other student-leaders in DLSU-D that every student will know something about the new 2008 USC Constitution. It would also help every one in making their vote in the upcoming plebiscites this coming February 11 to 15, 2008.

A guide for the online vote will be posted here soon.

If you have questions or clarifications or would like to volunteer your support for the approval or ratification of the new 2008 USC Constituttion please leave a message in the comments below.

Support the new 2008 USC Constitution, vote for YES in the plebiscite on February 11 to 15, 2008 and be part of DLSU-D history! 😀


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