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Masyadong malaki ang file para i-download nyo, hehe kaya heto na po for public viewing ang Chapter 2 ng Con-Con Comics: The Benefits

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Abangan ang susunod na chapter! 😀


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Now viewable online, Chapter 1: The Beginning in full glorious color. Click on the images for a larger view.

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Con-Con ating suportahan!

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Welcome to the blog of the University Student Council, President JM Amihan and the other officers of the Executive Board are happy for your visit here.

Many of you may have seen the 1-page Manga (Comics) about the Con-Con or Constitutional Convention distributed around campus. Though the USC would like to give every student his or her own copy and in full color, we have to make do with 800 copies distributed this week.

To compensate, we are making the Chapter 1: Con-Con the Beginning in full color here for you to download and enjoy.

The manga or comics is the center-piece of the Con-Con Information campaign so that every Lasallian Student would become aware, informed and knowledgable about the coming Students’ Constitutional Convention on December 7-9, 2007.

Each week, we would release a new chapter of the manga that will answer most of the questions students would be asking about the Con-Con, like what is the Con-Con, why is there a Con-Con, what would happen during the Con-Con and most importantly, what would be the benefits we students would gain from the Con-Con.

All these questions and more would be discussed in the coming chapters of the manga which would come out every week until December 7, 2007.

The manga is created and published by Team Genshi-CON, which is the creative (insane) group of students from one of the most active recognized student organizations in the universtiy, Genshiken, the USC’s Advocacy and Students’ Rights Committee and the USC Events Committee. More about the team members, why were they created and what they have in store for the DLSUD community in the coming days.

For now, download CON-CON The Beginning and enjoy!

Download link:

Con-Con The Beginning

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