Update: Please remember that the version of the 2008 USC Constitution of DLSUD available for download from this site may differ slightly from the official and published version released last September 2008.

For DLSUD students, please visit your respective College Student Council to browse the official and printed copy. Better yet, you can have it photocopied for your own use. It’s perfectly okay and highly advisable.

As promised, copies of the new 2008 USC Constitution is now available for every to download. You can read, share, discuss or print copies of the new 2008 USC Constitution with your classmates, friends, special someones, even your professors and instructors in DLSU-D.

To help every DLSU-D student to better understand the new 2008 USC Constitution, an easy to read guide is also available for every one to download. It explains in easy terms the provisions and effects of the new 2008 USC Constitution.

For everyone’s reference, a copy of the OLD 1999 USC Constitution is also available for download so that it can be compared to the new 2008 USC Constitution highlighting the improvements and changes made by the Students’ Constitutional Convention.

With this, it is the belief and hope of the USC and all the other student-leaders in DLSU-D that every student will know something about the new 2008 USC Constitution. It would also help every one in making their vote in the upcoming plebiscites this coming February 11 to 15, 2008.

A guide for the online vote will be posted here soon.

If you have questions or clarifications or would like to volunteer your support for the approval or ratification of the new 2008 USC Constituttion please leave a message in the comments below.

Support the new 2008 USC Constitution, vote for YES in the plebiscite on February 11 to 15, 2008 and be part of DLSU-D history! 😀


Events have taken place in a very fast pace for all of us, first the convening of the Students’ Constitutional Convetion, the release of the Con-Con comics and then the actual revision of the USC Constitution.

In spite of all this, many basic questions still remain: Why was the Con-Con organized? and Why was the USC Constitution revised?

One very good way of answering these two basic and important questions is by sharing with all the students and the public, the project proposal of the USC Executive Board AY 2007-2008 which details the reasons, objectives and intentions as why all of these has taken place.

Below in verbatim or in whole are the contents of the Project Proposal which started all of these talks about the Con-Con and the USC Constitution.


De La Salle University
University Student Council

Project Proposal

Title: Constitutional Convention
Nature: Forum
Date/Time: December 7 – 9, 2007
Venue: Charles Huang, Tagaytay, Cavite


The University Student Council Constitution was promulgated on the year 2000. However, the present USC Executive Board feels the significance as well as the urgency to have it revised with the support of its stakeholders.

This initiative finds its basis in Article XIII (Amendments or Revisions) Section1.a of the USC Constitution (2000) which states that “this Constitution shall be amended or revised through a proposal to amend by three-fourths (3/4) votes of a plenary composed of the following:

a.1. University Student Council Executive Board 3
a.2. Legislative Board 14
a.3. Council of Student Organizations Executive Board 2
a.4. Heraldo Filipino Editorial Board 2
a.5. Council of Presidents of Performing Arts Group 7
a.6. Central COMELEC 2

This endeavor will benefit the abovementioned stakeholders and DLSU-D students in general for this will resolve issues and concerns that affect, limit and/or hinder the University Student Council and those that it governs to function efficiently and effectively.


  • To aid in the revision of the USC Constitution for the benefit of DLSU-D students.
  • To resolve issues and concerns that limit/hinder the USC in discharging its functions efficiently and effectively.
  • To empower student leaders in the process of decision-making by contributing their ideas, opinions, and having their own stance for or against proposals that will be presented therein.
  • To establish good working relationship and cooperation among all parties involved.


The second page, contains a breakdown of the projected expenses for the said Constitutional Convention.

The objectives explained:

To aid in the revision of the USC Constitution for the benefit of DLSU-D students.

Very very few students are aware that there exists a USC Constitution. It contains the rules and procedures, the things that the USC must do and follow, the rights of every Lasallian student and many other important things each student must know.

Unfortunately, the recently-revised 2000 USC Constitution has become obsolete and almost useless for a student. So to reflect the trends, needs and realities of our modern times, it’s only logical and reasonable to revise the Constitution for the greater benefit of all students in DLSU-D.

To resolve issues and concerns that limit/hinder the USC in discharging its functions efficiently and effectively.

At present, USC and College Council officers face many many problems within and outside their office. How to better serve and protect the students, what to do if a fellow Officer resigns, who should prevail during conflicts within the USC? These are just some of the problems student-leaders face in their daily service to the students. The USC Constitution is the one document that is supposed to provide solutions to these problems, but since the previous Constitution is old and obsolete, it offers little to no help during some cases.

So it’s only logical and to solve these problems, the old Constitution must be revised in order to spare the future generations of student-leaders from suffering the same problems. More importantly, to improve the USC and to make it more effective when it comes to serving the students.

To empower student leaders in the process of decision-making by contributing their ideas, opinions, and having their own stance for or against proposals that will be presented therein.

Among the student-leaders in DLSU-D are the brightest and most passionate leaders with the excellent solutions to the problems they face in the university. Experience is the best teacher and these student-leaders are rich in experience both as a student and as a leader. The Con-Con will be a great venue for them to really sit down, discuss and formulate solutions to the problems being faced by us the students.

To establish good working relationship and cooperation among all parties involved.

Regardless of beliefs, ideologies, experience and political affiliations, the student-leaders gathered as one in tackling and discussing in healthy debates the problems faced by the students, the USC and the College Councils. In this healthy, professional and democratic environment of the Constitutional Convention, the student-leaders have shared and exchanged ideas and in the process have bonded with each other under the banner of student service.

These are the most of the stories behind Con-Con. We hope that by sharing these stories with you our fellow students, we have answered your questions and made things clearer about the going-ons in DLSU-D.

Lastly, you can check out the Con-Con Info Boards located in the East Campus at the SBC Canteen and another in the West Campus located near the Accounting Office. Posted there are the copies of the Old and New USC Constitution for all to read and scrutinize.

If you have more questions, or any reaction please share them through the comments below. We would greatly appreciate them. 😀

Or if you want to keep it private, you can send the USC an email at: uscdlsud [AT] gmail [DOT] com

Woot! Sa wakas, eto na ang chapter 3 ng Con-Con Comics! 😀

USC Reforms

USC Reforms p2

Masyadong malaki ang file para i-download nyo, hehe kaya heto na po for public viewing ang Chapter 2 ng Con-Con Comics: The Benefits

Front page


Back page


Abangan ang susunod na chapter! 😀

Now viewable online, Chapter 1: The Beginning in full glorious color. Click on the images for a larger view.

Front page


Back page


For questions, comments or suggestions please use the comment form below.

Con-Con ating suportahan!

Welcome to the blog of the University Student Council, President JM Amihan and the other officers of the Executive Board are happy for your visit here.

Many of you may have seen the 1-page Manga (Comics) about the Con-Con or Constitutional Convention distributed around campus. Though the USC would like to give every student his or her own copy and in full color, we have to make do with 800 copies distributed this week.

To compensate, we are making the Chapter 1: Con-Con the Beginning in full color here for you to download and enjoy.

The manga or comics is the center-piece of the Con-Con Information campaign so that every Lasallian Student would become aware, informed and knowledgable about the coming Students’ Constitutional Convention on December 7-9, 2007.

Each week, we would release a new chapter of the manga that will answer most of the questions students would be asking about the Con-Con, like what is the Con-Con, why is there a Con-Con, what would happen during the Con-Con and most importantly, what would be the benefits we students would gain from the Con-Con.

All these questions and more would be discussed in the coming chapters of the manga which would come out every week until December 7, 2007.

The manga is created and published by Team Genshi-CON, which is the creative (insane) group of students from one of the most active recognized student organizations in the universtiy, Genshiken, the USC’s Advocacy and Students’ Rights Committee and the USC Events Committee. More about the team members, why were they created and what they have in store for the DLSUD community in the coming days.

For now, download CON-CON The Beginning and enjoy!

Download link:

Con-Con The Beginning

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